We are a specialist waste management company with a sustainable recycling solution. We specialise in the recovery, reuse and recycling of used printer cartridge waste.  

There are over 60 Million printer cartridges used in the UK each year and over 1 Billion Globally, yet only a small percentage are actually recycled. 

It takes 1.9 litres of oil to make each new toner cartridge and up to 300grams of mined materials. Recycling these products could recover over a quarter of a million tons of raw materials  every year.

We provide a solution, not a quick fix. Single stream recycling   from consumer to solution.






But we already recycle our printer cartridges!

Just because you put your printer cartridge into a recycling bin does not necessarily mean it will be recycled. Only 50% of cartridges collected can be used through a remanufacturing process.  

So what happens to the other 50% of material that is collected but cannot be reused? 

Our services reuse and recycle all cartridges that are sent to us, we have no restrictions on what is excepted. We can take any Original Toner, Inkjet, Ink Tank, Fax and Copier cartridge. We can also take any un-used product you need to clear. 

We will reuse everything possible to support the manufacturing industry and breakdown any non-reuse or damaged products into their components. We recover plastics, rubber, ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metals for use in other Industries. 

We know where our waste materials go, do you?


How do we get onboard?

Register with us first. 

Once we have your details we will issue you with a reference number. This must be added to your address label when you send your goods back to us. 

If you are a frequent user of these products, save them up and send them to us in bulk. Save on transport costs, vehicle movements and ultimately your carbon footprint.

If you supply these products, please pass on our details so your customers have a recycling solution.

Once we receive your goods we will issue you with a waste transfer note. This is your legal obligation to transfer your waste into our ownership.

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